Recommended Books

George Marsden, Religion and American Culture. Wadsworth, 2001. Second Edition. In this engaging book, Marsden offers an account an interpretative account of religion and culture. He shows how America has been both a very religious and a very secular and addresses the questions raised by this paradox.

Richard and Renee Stearns, He Walks Among US: Encounters with a Broken World (Thomas Nelson, 2013). As president of World Vision, Richard Stearns and his wife, Renee have travelled far and wide and have witnessed the effects of war, natural disaster and poverty around the globe. They’ve brought back stories from people they’ve met whose lives have been transformed by God’s grace and the loving work of His church. This beautiful and amazing devotional combines these remarkable stories with biblical truth and stunning photographs. You get a glimpse not only into a world hit hard by sin, poverty and disaster, but also one reclaimed by God’s amazing grace and love. At the author’s request, all royalties will go toward World Vision’s work with children in need.

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Our future depends on a good understanding of the past. I invite you to take a walk in the cloister with me as we learn about what has gone before. For by learning from those who have gone before, we can help ensure a better future for us and those who will come after us.

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